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Pro-Flex 120


Progressive Turf Equipments´s Pro-Flex 120 is fast becoming the benchmark for trail-type rotary contour finishing mowers. It offers the same high standards in quality, performance and reliability as all Progressive Turf products for over 30 years.

The Pro-Flex 120 impresses with features not found in competitive units:

Anti-scalp contour following capabilities with superior mowing quality and a clean cutting pattern, thanks to the five independent floating decks and the particularly high-speeds of the high-lift blades.

The secret of our excellent quality of cut are the rotating high-speed high-lift blades which create a vacuum and lift the grass for a cleaner cut.

Each deck is equipped with a shock absorber that keeps the deck from bouncing, thus providing a smooth even cut at speeds well over 10 km/h.

Optimal anti-scalping characteristics are ensured by a thoughtful design.

The rugged full frame construction contributes to long life and allows the ability to mow and discharge the clippings and leaves even while backing up.

The Pro-Flex 120 is ideal in modulated grounds with sweeping lawns, such as on golf courses, parks and public grounds. It provides you with many years of reliable performance and is currently the most efficient of its kind.

» Specifications

  Pro-Flex 120                       img_0236
Cutting Width 3,00 m  
Cutting Height 19 – 85 mm  
Transport Dimensions
  Width 2,50 m  
  Height 1,25 m  
  Length 3,35 m  
Weight 940 kg  
Recommended tractor HP 40 – 60 HP (29 – 44 kW)