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Single-Deck-Roller SDR 65 - Single-Deck-Roller SDR 90


This three-point hitch roller mower was specially developed for the maintenance of sports fields and lawns, which require a great cutting pattern. It can be either rear or front mounted.

For very large grounds there are so-called Tri-Deck systems available like TDR-15 and TDR-22.

The heavy, six-inch thick front and rear rollers guarantee for an excellent cutting pattern without damaging the lawn. Cabel wipers mounted on the rollers are standard.

This device promises you an excellent cut quality at high speed due to the very fast rotation of the high-lift blades.

And, of course - as with all products from Progressive Turf - the SDR series has a heavy duty design for superior strength and durability.

» Specifications

  SDR 65 SDR 90
Cutting Width 1,65 m 2,25 m
Cutting Height 12 100 mm
Transport Dimensions
  Width 1,90 m 2,50 m
  Height 1,10 m 1,10 m
  Length 1,30 m 1,30 m
Weight 440 kg 610 kg
Recommended tractor HP 40 60 HP (29 44 kW)