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Tri-Deck TD 65 - Tri-Deck TD 65-2


The Tri-Deck Rotary Finishing Mower is designed to maintain all large mowing areas. By utilizing your own tractor, the tri-deck can mow up to 30 hectares in an eight hour day, at speeds well over 10 km/h.

Besides saving you time, labor and money, you still have your tractor available for other jobs after mowing.

The tri-deck rotary mower is characterized by ease of handling as well as simple and very low maintenance requirements. All functions for transport and mowing positions are activated without leaving the tractor seat. Only minutes are required to adjust cutting heights without the use of tools.

The three independent floating decks will follow most ground conditions encountered during the mowing of parks, public grounds, recreation areas and golf courses without scalping.

Even with a 360 turn hardly a blade of grass remains uncut - this ensures for efficiency particularly in areas with trees.

One secret for our superior quality cut: high-speed high-lift rotary blades create enough vacuum to lift the grass for a clean even cut.

When you require a large area mowing machine, that will give you years of reliable performance with versatility and durability built in, count on the Tri-Deck TD 65.

» Specifications

  TD 65 TD 65-2
Cutting Width 4,70 m 3,65 m
Cutting Height 25 125 mm
Transport Dimensions
  Width 2,60 m 2,30 m
  Height 2,30 m 1,65 m
  Length 4,30 m 4,30 m
Weight 1230 kg 1080 kg
Recommended tractor HP 40 60 HP (29 44 kW)