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Tri-Deck TDR 15


The new Tri-Deck TDR-15 Roller mower is the correct choice of wide area mowers suitable for the maintenance of sports fields, polo grounds, airports and all large recreation areas that require a fine cutting pattern.

The cutting height range is adjustable from 13mm to 100 mm. The sensing rollers eliminate unevenness, prevent scalping of the turf and push back damaged spots to allow for rapid regeneration.

Due to the advanced technology of the fast rotation of Progressive high-lift blades in conjunction with high speeds of the tractor you will achieve a clean even cut and disperse the clippings evenly over the rollers. Rear rollers also provide extra protection for safe discharge of clippings and debris.

NEWS! From 2010, the TDR-15 will provide more flexibility and agility with a fold-away deck while working. Also new is a TDR 15-2 featuring 3,5 meter mowing width.

» Specifications

  Tri-Deck-Roller TDR 15   img_2703
Specifications 4,70 m  
Cutting Height 13 100 mm  
Transport Dimensions
  Width 2,20 m  
  Height 2,40 m  
  Length 4,60 m  
Weight 1.690 kg  
Recommended tractor HP 50 70 HP (36 51 kW)